Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Currently... August

It's August, y'all!  And August means back to school time in this part of the country.  Back to school means fall is just around the corner.  And fall means cooler weather!  Can I get an "Amen!"?

But first we've got August to enjoy ...

Reading:  The Aviators Wife by Melanie Benjamin.  So far, so good.  The characters still seem a bit flat to me at this point, but it's still pretty early on.

Eating:  Better!  We fell of the wagon a little bit this past weekend with a lunch at a deli and ice cream with the grandbaby.  But for the most part we are making some better choices.

Totally worth it!
Making:  A chevron cup sleeve.  As well as washcloths, washcloths... and more washcloths for a wholesale order.  Then it's on to cotton facial rounds for another one.

Enjoying:  Spending time with the Man of the House.  Whether it's a day watching the Carolina Panthers practice football and puttering around Spartanburg, going for walks, or watching TV together in the evenings - he's good company.

See what I did there?  "Puttering around"!  We played putt putt.
I crack myself up!

Anticipating:  a little free time.  The female offspring had a couple of weeks off between semesters.  This means Oma doesn't have babysitting duty for a couple of weeks!

Feeling:  Busy...  but good.


  1. Oh, I like your Grandmother name, Oma. Life seems to be puttering along for Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love your nickname "Oma"....smiles. Enjoyed your meme, have a beautiful day friend.

  3. Yay for some down time and for some Carolina Panthers!


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