Monday, October 3, 2016

Currently... October

October has arrived!  I love this month.  The weather finally starts to behave like fall (usually).  It is always so beautiful with the leaves changing color.  We celebrate the Man of the House's birthday.  And Halloween wraps things up.

What else is going on as we head into this last quarter of 2016?

Reading:  The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.  Somewhat Downton Abbey-ish in the setting, time period and general theme. At least from what I've read to this point.

Eating:  Soups!  The weather has taken a slightly cooler trend and I am ready for pots of yummy comfort foods.   I have two on the menu for this week.   Plus the gumbo we had last night.

Making:  Besides soups? A whole bunch of cotton washcloths for customers!

Enjoying:  Decorating the house for fall.  When the offspring were young, I decorated more in a Halloween theme.  Now that they are older, I stick with a general fall, harvest-y look that can carry right through Thanksgiving.  I'll share more on this later in the week.

Anticipating:  The Man of the House's birthday next week!  Although he hasn't given me any ideas of what he wants to do to celebrate yet.

Feeling:  To say "a mixed bag" might even be an understatement.  In just the past couple of weeks I had my feelings hurt pretty significantly which left me very angry and very sad.  I haven't been sleeping great; so I'm tired.  Which can leave me grumpy. And I've also had some things which have me feeling very stressed.  So... ye.  On the other hand, I've had some great evenings out with the man of the house, which make me very happy and help me relax.  

What are you currently up to?  Share in the comments, or write your own "Currently" post and share the link!

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  1. First of all, I'm so sorry you got hurt. I so know how that feels and my heart hurts for you. Here's what's going currently with me...wondering what October holds as far as my hubby's 1-4 hour physical on Wednesday (hopefully it can still happen), then an evaluation by the doctor to see what level of disability he has in his foot and most likely the loss of his job. It's been a very long, drawn out, stressful 7 months and he's still having problems. Boo!!! Reading....just finished "All the Pretty Things" by Edie Wadsworth. She's a local blogger. The book disturbed me for some reason....maybe it uncovered a few truths about my own past. The weather....AMAZING!!! Love this time of year. Health....mine seems to be great and I'm excited to embark on another journey to lose 10 more pounds. I've lost close to 60 total and have remained mostly the same for 1.5's time to get a move on...LOL Planning....maybe a small get-a-way with the hubby after all is said and done with Worker's Comp. Looking forward to....more time with grand-kiddos, more time with hubby, less stress (dream on, right?)....Thanksgiving and Christmas with loved ones!!!


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