Monday, October 31, 2011

It's The Great Pumpkin!


Last night was Jack o'Lantern carving time in our home.

Each kid (the Princess, the Little Man, and the Nieces) gets a pumpkin.  This process is interesting enough to watch on its own.  Will the pumpkin be picked for its roundness?  Having a unique shape?  Flawless flesh?  Because of the size?  Each child has his or her own criteria for the perfect jack o'lantern pumpkin.

The next step of course involves choosing just the right design for each jack o'lantern.  Silly or Scary?  This might be determined quickly.  Or it might involve great amounts of time pouring over jack o'lantern templates online to find just what fits the mood one is seeking for this year's creation. 

Then the fun really begins... 
The scoring of the design into the pumpkin flesh. 
Opening it up, and diving elbow deep into the heart of the pumpkin. 
Scooping out the strong smelling, stringy, slimy guts. 
And separating out all the seeds for roasting. 
Carefully cutting out the design.

And then finally... Finally... the moment of truth.  Carrying the finished product outside into the dark night and lighting the candle to reveal your finished Jack o'Lantern.

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