Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NOT Woman's Best Friend

I was heading out into the yard to hang a few things on the clothesline and rinse out the litterboxes.  There sat the dog at the top of the stairs, whining and giving me those big brown puppy dog eyes.  How could I resist?  I agreed to take him out with me and put on his leash.  What could go wrong? 

Well, I could have a diabolical canine with plans of his own on the other end of that leash.

Within moments of getting out the back door, he manages to slip out of his collar and run off.  Requiring me to hop in the car and chase him all over the neighborhood, trying to coax him into the backseat.

While he runs around peeing on every stationary object he finds and blantantly ignoring me.

And it is such a lovely day - I just know the neighbor's windows are open and they are hearing my pointless and increasingly desperate and frustrated cries of "here boy... wanna go for a ride?... please get in the car!... c'mon boy, let's go for a ride!... want a treat?.... c'mon, get in the car. how about a cookie?... GET. IN. THE. CAR!!"

Finally, I manage to get his collar back on and get him into the car and back to the house. Thanks to the help of a few neighborhood kids. Who are probably still laughing at the crazy lady with the disobedient dog.

And the dog now naps on the back deck, basking in the sun.  Probably dreaming of his grand adventure.

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