Monday, October 3, 2011

That's What They Say

I got my flu shot this past Friday.  Yeah.  Bravo.  Big pat on the Back for the Queen B.

I haven't gotten a flu shot in years.  Not since they convinced me to get one, despite my fears and misgivings.  And wouldn't you just know it.. that February a case of influenza knocked me right out.  Which infuriated me.  I got the shot and still had a raging case of the flu?  Well, that won't happen again!  And I've been boycotting the shot ever since.

But this year, the Man of the House and I made the decision that we and the Little Man will get the shots.  Seems like a good preventative move, with the Princess's Tadpole due in the middle of flu season.  Got to do what we can to help keep him healthy.  So, when they made the yearly offering at work - I filled out the paper work and got into line.  I gritted my teeth, fought down the mild panic attack that occurs each time I think about a needle piercing my skin, bared my arm and offered it up to the nurse administering the vaccine.

I know what they say.  You can't get sick from the flu.  It's made with dead virus.  And the logical part of my brain believes it.  But there's still that other part of my brain.  The part that boycotted the shot after managing to get the flu despite having the vaccine.  The irrational part of my brain.  Or maybe it's not my brain.  Maybe it's the stuffiness in my head making me think otherwise.  Or my sore throat.  Or lack of oxygen to the brain from the coughing.  Maybe...

And it's most likely a coincidence that almost everyone in the office that received the vaccine last Friday is complaining of the same symptoms.  The more likely scenario is that someone else in our staff meeting that same day was either sick or getting sick and shared the germies with the rest of us. 

Because you can't get sick from the flu vaccine.  That's what they say...

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