Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Week

"Some Week"

If we had a Charlotte living in the corner of our doorway, that is what she would weave into her web right now: "some week"  (we don't by the way, although I did squash a big gray spider earlier today in the laundry room.  Ugh, spiders... *shudder*)

Last Friday our 18 year old cat went missing.  He was old.  He showed his age.  He has been in declining health for a few years and in recent months had started losing weight. We have no clue what happened to him, when he got out, or where he went.  He was mostly an indoors cat these days, only occasionally venturing just outside the door to nibble some grass or enjoy some sunshine before wanting right back in.  We can only assume that he went off in the way animals often do to pass. 

On Wednesday morning, I was going about my normal morning routine.  It was time to take the dog out and take care of the chickens.  I glanced out the window and stopped in my tracks.  There was what appeared to be a chicken lying in the back yard. 

Oh no...

I went outside and made the discovery.  Something had managed to break into the pen during the night or early morning.  There were feathers everywhere.  And other than the 2 dead chickens in the yard, I couldn't find any of the others.  I did come across a lot of white feathers down at the bottom of the empty wooded lot next to our house.  No clue what got to them.

If you are keeping count, that means I lost 1 cat and 6 chickens in less than 6 days.  I think I can officially say without exaggeration that I didn't have a great week.

It seems I'm not the only one.  The male offspring has also been complaining of a headache for 3 days.  I'm pretty sure it's sinus.  But he insist it isn't and refuses to take the decongestant I keep trying to press on him.  (Teenage boys...  *sigh*)

And the female offspring has been stressing about a math test she had today.  She's glad it's over, but now is anxious about how she did.  Convinced that she bombed it, of course.  Although she never thinks she does well, but always does. 

On a brighter note, the man of the house and I have been making an effort to workout and an eating plan.  I've lost about 5 pounds so far.  Yah!  Less than 3 months until summer!

The grand baby has learned how to use the chairs to climb up on top of the dining room table.  And does it every chance he gets.  Which means I now have a few more gray hairs to cover up with hair color!

And that's about all I can think of to share at the moment. So, as you can see... some week.

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  1. Love you sis! Next week will be better! xoxo


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