Monday, February 10, 2014

When You Love Somebody

Originally posted on February 9, 2012
It's February.  And Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  The day of Love.  Hearts, cupids, flowers and chocolates run wild in every store.  And just so you know - Yes,  I can hear the groans from here.  The quiet grumbles of "made up holiday" and "why should I have to show my love on that day just because Hallmark says so", etc, etc, etc. 

And you're right.  Although it's roots go back to a religious day to observe St. Valentine - the more modern idea of Valentine's Day is pretty much a made up holiday.  And yes, the card companies and candy makers and florists are getting rich off the romantic madness.  But you know what else?  I don't care! 

I can't believe that any reason to show love and affection could be a bad thing.  Sure, we should be showing those we love how we feel about them every single day of the year.  Goes without saying.  But what is one day set aside to remind us of that and encourage us to go all out going to hurt?  Any excuse to be loving and affectionate sounds like a good thing to me!

And yes, I know not everyone is involved in a romantic relationship.  And some of those persons might feel left out of all the lovey-dovey going around.  But is there a law that says one must use Valentine's Day only to show romantic love?  Maybe you have a family member you can show a little appreciation and love for on this day of hearts.  Or a close friend you love like a sister.  Or maybe the person you need to show a little love is yourself!!

You don't like chocolate?  Flowers just die anyway.  Maybe the gifts aren't your thing.  But I bet there is someone who would just appreciate your time and attention.  Or maybe you just need a little time to yourself to read that book/watch that movie/take that bubble bath/paint your toenails like you've been meaning to do.

Take advantage of the day meant for love.  Show someone some love.  Show yourself some love.  Just love somebody! 
Because love is a many splendored thing!

 Love makes the world go 'round!

All you need is LOVE!

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