Friday, February 21, 2014

The Mystery of the Yoga Pants

I like to think that on those rare occasions I wear my workout pants in public, it just gives me an air of mystery.  Making people wonder...

You know, in that "Is she really on her way to/from the gym, or was she just too lazy to put on real clothes today?" sort of way.

I'll be honest with you.  The answer is probably the second guess.  But I am going to make every effort to put out a vibe that it's actually the first.  Especially if you see me at the grocery store or Target. (And if I haven't seen you in a while - that is going to be the day we run into each other: my "I'm in my yoga pants with minimal makeup on at Target" day. It's just a sure thing) And I hope you'll make every effort to pretend you actually believe I must be on my way to or from working out and just had to pop into the store to pick up some urgently needed item.

But whatever you do, please don't ask me about it.  (Oh, are you on your way to the gym?) Because that is going to force me to either
A) lie straight to your face
B) confess my lackadaisical approach to dressing that day.  Out loud.  In public.

Either way - it's just not cool.  Just. Not. Cool. So don't ask.

I prefer to keep an air of mystery about the whole thing.  Super healthy, multitasker? Or comfortable in my laziness? Only me and my workout pants know for sure.


  1. I live in yoga pants. I have yet to venture out in public in them, but my spouse jokes that as soon as I come home the work pants come up & the yoga pants come on. I sleep in them, clean in them, lay on the couch watching old school 90210 in them.

  2. This made me laugh!! It could so be could be going out in your pajama that's what I really can't stand to see!! ;-) HOPE you have a great weekend!


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