Saturday, February 1, 2014

The 14 Day Marriage Challenge: Day One

Welcome to Day One of the 14 Day Marriage Challenge!

Today your assignment is to show your hubby a little attention and affection with a relaxing touch!

You could rub his shoulders... or scratch his back... or massage his feet or hands.

He works hard. Take a few minutes to pamper him a little and show him how much you appreciate him!

You may find the perfect time to do this is while watching TV in the evening, or as you're settling into bed getting ready for sleep.

The Man of the House likes to have his scalp massaged.  That's what I did for him!

Leave a comment and let us know what you did to complete the first assignment.


  1. A couple of February's ago, I did a chocolate sugar foot scrub followed by a rosewater milk bath and foot massage. It's kind of become a tradition here. :O)

    1. That's amazing! (NOT letting the man of the house see this!)

  2. Awesome challenge idea, I like to give mine back scrubs with my best Soap and Glory stuff. :)

    1. Great idea! I'm guessing he loves that!


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