Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 14 Day Marriage Challenge: Day Twelve

Welcome to day 12 of the 14 Day Marriage Challenge!

Today's challenge is to Put It In Writing!

Leave a little gift, love note, or card where he'll find it sometime during his day!

Tuck a card or note:
  • in his underwear drawer
  • in his coat pocket
  • in the visor of his car
  • in his brief case or lunchbag
  • under his pillow
  • inside the book his reading
  • inside his closed laptop
  • into the case for his tablet
You can even use a dry erase marker, lipstick, or eye liner to write a love note on the bathroom mirror for him to find as he gets ready for work.

Or stick up post-it notes in various places around the home  (or office?) or in his car for him to find as he goes about his day.


  1. I love your reminders Beckey! Thank you for reminding us of simple but important things to do for our men!! Juana

    1. Thank you Juana. We all like it when others do nice things for us - even the men in our lives.


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