Monday, May 26, 2014

Even In The Darkness

This morning was dark.  The sun was hiding behind dark clouds as storms rolled through.  At about 9am it was still gray and dusky outside.  It would have been easy to think the sun had forgotten to rise at all.  That it was hiding, refusing to shed it's light on my little corner of the world. That it had abandoned us to the darkness.

Haven't we all felt that way at sometime in life?

That the skies were dark.  The storms raged.  That the light would never shine on us.  That God had abandoned us to the darkness.

But just as the cloud was there the entire time, even in the darkest part of the morning  - God is always there also.

He promises never to abandon us.  Never to forsake us.  These are not empty promises.  Words spoken in vain.

Even in our darkest hours, when it feels as if He is no where close - He is right there.  Holding us.  Shining His love down on us.  Waiting to comfort us.

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  1. Those dark nights without a moon especially on a country road without street lights - a person can feel so alone - - but God is certainly there even on the darkest of hours. Thanks for a beautiful post shared here at "Tell Me a Story."


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