Friday, May 23, 2014

Quenching My Thirst

I have been making an effort lately to drink plenty of water and much, much less of other beverages.  You know, that whole "don't drink your calories" thing.  Keep my body hydrated.  Etc, etc...

I have found the best way for me to do this and keep sipping throughout the day is to keep a straw cup filled with water and nearby at all times.  It also helps that there are so many cute ones available these days.

Like this little gem I picked up at World Market today!

Isn't it just so pretty? 

And the best part - it was on sale!  Normally $7.99 - but through this Memorial Day weekend they're only $5.99.  AND - I got another 10% off with a coupon through my World Market Explorer membership. (membership is free and comes with some very happy little benefits!)

I love a good deal on something pretty!

This was one of my little happys for the day.  What was yours?

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  1. I love a good bargain. It's hard to get all the water down everyday but a cute cup helps. Have a great holiday!

  2. I love those type of cups, too....and that one is so pretty!!! As for my pinwheel wreath....I just wrapped red and white ribbon around a foam wreath and pinned it in place. I took the pinwheels off the "stick" they were on and hot glued them on the side...and voila!! Super duper simple!!

  3. Love the cup! And, I find that helps the kiddos drink more water too. For some reason, a straw cup rather than a bottle of water works better?!


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