Friday, May 30, 2014

To The Birthday Boy

My dear "little man",

Oh sure, I know you're not so little anymore.  And you're probably mortified that I would referred to you that way in a public place.  It's been a couple of years that I have had to look up at your face now.  But in my heart you'll always be my "little man" - no matter what size or age you are.

This mama's heart finds it so difficult to believe that you are 16 years old today.  The years have flown by so quickly. There are times I ache for the days when you were that silly, sweet, blond little boy with the cheeks who used to crawl up to sit in my lap. I wish I had taken the time to hold you just a few minutes longer while you were still small enough for that.

But as much as I miss those days, I wouldn't trade these days for anything.  I know we often seem to butt heads and argue about things that will seem so trivial in days (hours?) to come.  I remind myself that this is not unusual.  You're spreading your wings and trying to take those steps towards independence and manhood.  And I am so very proud of the young man you are becoming.  Even if I do still try to hold on - maybe a little too tightly.

You are still silly.  Stay that way.  And you are still sweet.  Don't ever lose that inner kindness.  Be strong.  Be courageous. Be unique.  Believe in yourself. God has created you for something special and I know that He will have you do great things for Him.

And always know - just like you will always be my "little man", I will always be your mommy.  I will always be here if and when you need me.  And I will always love you.

Happy Birthday. 

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  1. Okay. You officially made me cry!! So sweet!!! <3

  2. So sweet! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!


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