Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Spirit of Gratitude: July 3

This Week I Have Been THANKFUL For:

Getting the porch umbrella I wanted (original price $399) for $114!
Slip and Slides
Deli chicken when I didn't feel like cooking
Enjoying a cup of coffee in silence

My sister telling me she would like to have the very thing I put in the mail to her the day before
A little alone time
The Man of the House surprising me with a sweet card
The female offspring making breakfast
Finishing my first 5k! (I walked most of it, and my time was less than stellar - but I finished!)

Farm fresh eggs
Sleeping in
Productive weekends
Early morning text from my sister
The grand baby and his new boots

Crock pot cooking on hot summer days
New crochet design ideas
The Man of the House having a 5 day weekend

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