Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Spirit of Gratitude: July 31


The female offspring cleaning the dining room
So. Much. Ice Cream.
Learning something new
Being woken up much too early
Thunder in the distance
The grand baby splashing in puddles
A Clean(er) bedroom
Trips to Sam's Club with the Man of the House
A day with no rain
Sleepy Grand Baby
The Man of the House scratching my back when I had a headache
A husband who works hard - at his job and at home
The male offspring assembling his bedroom furniture 
With his sister's help
Weather that feels like September at the end of July

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  1. Love this list. There are some things on there that I am right with ya on!!!! Have a beautiful day!

  2. Hi Beckey, I am liking this weather.
    This is what August should feel like...IMHO


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