Friday, July 18, 2014

For the Birthday Girl

Dear Captain Princess,

You were my first miracle.  The first baby to steal my heart.  My bright and shining little princess.  My tough and tumble little girl.  The girl playing with Barbies one day, fishing with Daddy the next.  Putting on frilly dresses, and wanting to climb trees and splash in the mud while wearing them.

Growing up you amused, amazed, and befuddled me.  And you still do.

I thank God every day for granting me the honor of being your mother.  Seeing you grow from that spirited little blond girl into the woman you are was a journey I wouldn't trade for anything in the universe.  I am constantly awestruck by the person you have become.

You are one of the smartest, funniest women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. You have such a quick mind - it's hard (nearly impossible) to keep up with it sometimes.  Though our views on things often differ, I am always impressed by your sense of justice, tolerance, acceptance, and fairness.

You are a beautiful woman - inside and out.  

And now that you are a mother yourself, I absolutely love watching you be firm and loving as you guide your little boy through these early years.  You are an amazing mom!!

I am impressed by you.  I am inspired by you.  I love you.

Happy Birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday to your girl! Hope you have an awesome celebration.

  2. This is a precious tribute.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!


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