Friday, October 3, 2014

50 Things To Do When You're Bored

 Every find yourself being bored?  I mean really bored.  Nothing to do, no where to go, mind numbing boredom?  Or maybe just a little bored.  What's a person to do when there's nothing to do?  Well... I'll tell ya!!
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  1. Read a book
  2. Learn a new craft
  3. Google "How to (insert name of new craft you want to learn here)"
  4. Finish one of those many work in progress DIY projects you have sitting around
  5. Binge watch something on Netflix
  6. Paint your toenails
  7. Pinterest!
  8. Take a walk
  9. Take a bath
  10. Braid your hair - experiment with one large braid and many tiny ones all over
  11. Do a puzzle
  12. Color
  13. Go for a drive - find a road you've never traveled before
  14. Crochet
  15. Knit
  16. Google "How to knit" or "How to crochet"
  17. Watch cartoons
  18. Organize your closet
  19. Organize a drawer
  20. Find 10 things you can giveaway/donate
  21. Google "trendy make up looks"
  22. Experiment with new make up looks
  23. Watch a documentary
  24. Organize your spices
  25. Words with Friends
  26. Rearrange your furniture
  27. Take a nap
  28. Read a magazine
  29. Organize your kitchen cabinets
  30. Clean your bathroom
  31. Floss your teeth
  32. Write a letter
  33. Or an email
  34. Play Sudoku
  35. Do a cross word puzzle
  36. Write a poem
  37. Write a story
  38. Write in your journal
  39. Start a journal
  40. Look at journals online (pinterest, amazon, etsy)
  41. Pray
  42. Day dream about your next vacation
  43. Day dream about your dream vacation
  44. Look up vacation destinations on the internet
  45. Start a "Dream Vacation" board on Pinterest
  46. Exercise 
  47. Make a list of reasons not to exercise
  48. Draw something (or just doodle something)
  49. Watch old cartoons from your youth
  50.  Make a list of 50 Things to do When You're Bored

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  1. Ha! Ha! Floss your teeth. I like that one!!

  2. #50 made me laugh out loud! :). Xoxo


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