Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Spirit of Gratitude - October 16


Cookie cake
The sound of rain
The Male Offspring's musical talent
Bright full moon in the pre-dawn sky
Ray of sun breaking through clouds
Leftovers for lunch
Vacation planning
Homemade pizza
Another Etsy order!
The Man of the House getting a free haircut for his birthday
New curtains for bedroom - on sale!
Suddenly there is fall color everywhere
Putting stuff back in the bedroom
Overtime nail-biter games
Delicious (and easy) chicken recipe
Misty mountain days
The power coming back on after about an hour
A crock pot of soup on a stormy day
The male offspring laughing

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  1. I love your Gratitude poem. Great idea for taking stock of blessing! :) I am your thriving Thursday link up neighbor.

  2. I love reading through your lists. I find myself smiling and nodding my head at many of them. :) Hope you are having an awesome day!

  3. I love sitting here reading your gratitude list.
    I have much to be thankful for.



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