Friday, October 10, 2014

Are You Mean?

It seems to be an epidemic recently... a sort of social game to try to belittle, mock, make fun of, and say hurtful things about people - both those in the public eye and not.

We stand in line at the grocery store next to the magazine pointing out which celebrities have cellulite or the "worst beach bodies" and the like.  Mocking pregnant women for how much weight they gain, or obsess over how quickly they lose the "baby weight".  We read online gossip about who is cheating on who and which marriage is on the rocks.  We watch television shows discussing who wore which outfit better, or who looked fabulous (or not) on the red carpet to some awards show.

We post cruel comments on social media and under blogs. Hiding behind a keyboard to be our most hateful, judgemental selves. 

Women gather and complain about their husbands. To talk about each other. Whisper across grocery carts, in school pick up lanes, and around corners in church corridors about what this one or that one wore/did/said.

We give others less than flattering labels. We focus on their short comings.  Point our their flaws.We build ourselves up, try to cover our insecurities - by tearing down others.

And then we wonder why our children bully. We can't tell them to "be nice" and then act the way we do.  Children learn by example.

It's time to break the pattern!  I challenge you today to only be kind and encouraging.  Build someone up by complimenting them.  Sit on your hands or bite your tongue when you feel hurtful, negative, judgemental words rising up in you.  Refuse to take part in gossip about others.  Speak love.

Are you in?  If so, leave a comment letting me know!  

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!! I am sooooooooo tired of all of the meanness. It trickles down to the children and the cycle goes round and round. I just can't wrap my brain around all of the meanness. It saddens me, drives me crazy, and makes me mad. Our society is so "I" focused and people are failing to realize all of the pain that is causing. Love this post and I am standing up in your challenge screaming, "I'm in!"

  2. This is really great. I'm thankful to have a lot of positive friends, but in some circles I feel like it's hard to fit in w/o complaining! We are surrounded by negativity- thanks for the encouragement to be KIND :) I found you via Serenity Now's link up! :)

  3. I like that "If you can't be kind be quiet." We studied in Bible Study for a considerable amount of time about edifying and building others up. That is so important in our daily lives.

  4. Great verse and reminder. Thank you!


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