Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Are You Living In Fear?

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
 ~ Joshua 1 9

How much of what we do - or don't do - in life in driven by fear?
Fear of discomfort.  Fear of stepping outside our comfort zones.  Fear of not having enough.  Not being enoughFear of failure.  Being found lacking in some way.  Fear of disapproval.  Rejection.  Embarrassment.  Of being hurt.  
Do we let these fears control us?  Distract us?  Dictate to us?  

I timidly raise my hand and truthfully admit that I do.  (Timidly... there's that fear again.  Fear that all of you reading this will judge me for this and find me lacking.)

When I should be allowing only God - His truth, His promises, what He has to say about me and what he wants for me - to guide me and lead me.

Not the fear.

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  1. Great post! In my experience fear of this nature comes from the enemy. And in most cases, actions from this type of fear end badly. Thank you for the reminder to step out of fear and into faith.

  2. It's easy to get our needs mixed up. Truly, God's overwhelming love for us should be enough. I need the daily reminder!

  3. I am so raising my hand too! Ugh...that nasty thing called fear. After reading this post, I sat and thought about my fears. I tend to focus on ridding my mind of my big fears....what if something happens to my kids? What if my husband finds me unattractive? What if I get sick and die before enjoying my grand kids? After pondering, I realize I have so many small fears too.

  4. My hand is raised, too, sweet Lady. I'm a VERY fearful person....of the most crazy, trivial things (at least they would probably be to others). No, I don't feel any less toward you for your admitting this problem....I so much admire your transparency....and I'm pretty sure God does, too!!! ;-) HOPE you have an awesome day!

  5. I'm in your corner too. I am in the corner with you, but thank God He corrects us. I am told that "fear not" is mentioned in the Bible 365 times. He knows we need this reminder every day. Thanks again for the reminder. ~ Chris~

  6. All kinds of fear coming from over here! It is something I have to fight daily to get to the good stuff God has planned for me.


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