Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I've Got That Christmas Spirit

At the risk of alienating several of you, I just have to say it...

I am in the Christmas spirit!!

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Yes, already!  I know, I know... it's crazy early.  And you might think I've completely lost my mind over here.

I get it. 

I'm usually one of those "bah, humbug" kinda gals until Thanksgiving hits.  One of the "don't even think about playing the Christmas music or talking about holiday plans in my presence until I have finished my turkey dinner" people. 

And even then I sometimes have trouble getting into the Christmas mood.

But not this year!  This year I am so ready already!

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I'd be decorating the house already if I didn't think that the family would stage some sort of revolt.  And even that might not stop me from putting the tree up this weekend.  Or at least pulling the boxes of decorations out of the downstairs closet and getting a jump start. 

Maybe it's that 3+ inches of snow we got a week and a half ago on my birthday.  Who knows?

Whatever the reason - I am ready for the Christmas holidays to begin!

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  1. First of all, happy belated birthday. HOPE you had a great one. Secondly....yes, I think snow would put me in the CHRISTmas Spirit, too!!! And, thirdly....I NEVER put up our tree until after the first week of December....but I'm getting excited about getting ours up this year,'s gonna be all owlie and burlapy and wintery!!! ;-)

  2. I started singing Christmas songs in the care yesterday. Praying for us to be in our house for Christmas this year. If things continue to progress we will and boy will I be singing Joy To The World then!!!

  3. Me too girlfriend!!! I love, love, love this time of year. I told my husband yesterday that I'm ready to put our tree up. Aww...the music, the smells, the feelings.... I wish you and your daughter were here to go to the Christmas Market with us this weekend!!! :)


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