Monday, April 20, 2015

A Spirit of Gratitude - April 20

a surprise ending to a good book
grand baby hugs
the female offspring making lunch for me
bird landing on the porch railing right next to my chair
my "baby" sisters
deep dish pizza
a productive day
red velvet cake
crazy easy - but yummy - crock pot recipes
custom orders
the Man of the House breaking out the smoker for the first time this grilling season

planning a trip to OK this summer
playing "Guesstures" with the family
Etsy sales picking up again
baking cupcakes with the grand baby
running errands for the Man of the House
a $7 repair rather than having to buy a replacement
a trip to the library - by myself
Mom stopping by for a visit
the grand baby playing blocks
the rain making everything so very green
my sister's text that made me LOL
when the Man of the House finally gets home at the end of a long day
cardinal at the bird feeder
 homemade mac and cheese
fresh baked bread
taking all the guys for haircuts
a break from the rain
new business opportunities
quiet time to complete an important task
a prayer answered
the good kind of insomnia
a bird singing to me from the crab apple tree

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  1. Aw, I really love this. All those little joy moments we take for granted. But I must ask - what's the good kind of insomnia? Cause I had insomnia last night but it wasn't that great. ;) saw you over at Life of Meg's link up!

  2. I like reading things about gratitude because it really is an instant boost. It makes you see the goodness and beauty despite the imperfection around us.

    Stay blessed always! :)

  3. A quiver-full of blessings, indeed, Beckey! Thanks for sharing, they made me smile :)

  4. Love a good ending! What were you reading?


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