Thursday, April 30, 2015

When Things Get Messy

My house is a mess, y'all.   Not "kind of messy".  A big ol' embarrassing mess.  Pretty much a disaster area.

Ok - no, it's not that bad!!
Nothing much is getting done around here.  I am neglecting the housework while I try to push through to complete a few big orders facing deadlines.  (And not making the kind of progress I would like to see).  Meanwhile,  things are piling up around me.

I keep nagging at the offspring to help with keeping the kitchen clean.  They do the bare minimum to be able to say they did what was asked.

I'm dangerously close to running out of clean laundry.  And the Man of the House may or may not be rewearing socks.

Something is going to have to give soon.  I feel stretched too thin and on the edge of that place where I just might snap soon.

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  1. Several years ago I had so many orders for crochet hats that I got overwhelmed and very little sleep. Maybe that's why my Etsy didn't pan out...cause I'm a lot older and God was sparing me the stress. Maybe you need to call a family meeting and just set out some expectations....I made a huge mistake of not "making" our daughter help me with housework! Saying a prayer for you, sweet Lady.

    1. Who has time for family meetings? 😲 Just kidding. That's probably exactly what needs to happen. I also made myself make time for a full 8 hours of sleep Friday night and feel much better for it. Thank you Mrs Deb.

  2. That photo had me scared for a moment! I have been where you are, and sometimes you just have to take one moment at a time until you get through it. One thing that worked for me was the thought: Is it life or death? If the answer was no, then I could take a little breath and relax just a bit. Good luck girl!

    1. Yikes! Can you imagine? I am feeling better now, I think I just hit a wall toward the middle of last week. Thanks Cathy!


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