Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Spirit of Gratitude: May 5

May!  It is May already!  Wasn't it just, like - January??  I have a theory that I have perhaps (completely without my knowledge) discovered time travel.  This theory is based entirely on the fact that I feel as if I am losing big chunks of time somewhere.  I could get sucked down into a whirlpool of how fast time is flying and oh-woe-is-me.  But NOPE!  I am choosing instead to be grateful.  To believe that time seems to fly past because each day is so full of goodness and blessings that the next one can't wait to arrive here and get its fill!

being busier than I ever imagined
the Man of the House rubbing the small of my back
simple dinners
a good (but short) nights sleep
cute buttons
a good sale on organic coffee
Publix chicken salad
learning to lean on God more and more
healthy eating plans
finally seeing some progress
NFL draft day
last guitar lesson of the semester
an attitude improvement
quiet time to get some work done
pizza night
music recitals
a full 8 hours of sleep
breaking ground for the garden
planning for planting
late night reading
uncontrollable giggles

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  1. I love your theory, I too choose to be grateful for time being full of goodness and blessings. From now on I intend to see time going so quickly as a positive. Great post and perspective #ThankfulThursday


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