Thursday, May 21, 2015

Three Things That Need to Change

Sometimes when something just isn't working for you any longer - it's time to make a change.  A lot of times that is easier said than done.  Here are three things I know I need to change:

1)  Sleep
Every evening I tell myself I am going to go to bed earlier than usual.  And every night, that doesn't seem to happen.  Then, every morning I get up very early.  Every day, I am tired by the middle of the afternoon (at the latest)

2) The Junk I Consume
I know I need to eat better.  My cholesterol numbers show that.  The scale shows that.  My doctor has told me that.  Scripture says that our bodies are temples where the Holy Spirit resides.  Would I fill a temple with garbage?  Um.... no.

3)  Water
I need to increase the amount of water I drink.  By a lot.  Some days it gets to be very late in the afternoon and I realize I have had nothing to drink since my morning coffee. Seriously - how am I not thirsty ALL. THE. Time?

Is there something you know you need to change?

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  1. It is a hard line to walk, the sleep.... I need more, certainly, but with three kids that keep me on my toes I often go to bed way too late, and am up with them in the morning. So I hear you on that. I'm working on a new daily docket sheet that I'm hoping to give as a freebie.... it tracks water intake each day, I've noticed when I'm intentional in my schedule, the other things like food, water, sleep fall into order....

    Thanks for sharing with Reading List and Cozy Reading spot!


  2. Your #1 and #2 have already been changed by me...I had all three issues you have. I am still working on #3. I also have been working to increase my exercise level. Yoga classes are a tremendous help, but I still need to increase the amount I do more each week.


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