Wednesday, April 22, 2015

When Things Get Busy

Y'all - Things. Just. Got. Busy. In that "this is a very exciting opportunity - I must have been crazy to take this on" kinda way.

Now, sure - given the nature of what I do, it might seem silly to call it "busy". I mean, my busy probably just looks like a lot of time spent on the couch watching movies, every season of 30 Rock, or Disney cartoons.  And that's not exactly an unfair observation. (Do I have a great job or what? Yep!)

It's not exactly a fair observation either.  Just because I am sitting in the comfort of my own home doesn't mean I'm not hard at work. I still have projects to complete.  Deadlines.  Expectations to be met.

It means I can get easily distracted from the family life going on around me. Or worse - frustrated by it when it distracts me from the work I am trying to get done.  

I have to remember to be intentional about making time to set the work aside and be present with the ones I love.  To turn away from the work from time to time and be here.  With them.  Focused.

And whole I'm at it - to take time for myself.  To unwind.  To relax.  To pray.  To read.   To refresh and renew.

And then...  back to work!

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  1. So glad that you're business is doing so well, but you can still keep things in perspective! I closed my Etsy shop about as fast as I opened it. I got absolutely no sales, but will continue to make and give away and crochet for therapy...which, it seems I TRULY need!!! LOL HOPE you have a great day!


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