Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When You Want Something Fresh

The Man of the House and I were up bright and early Saturday.  Some might  even say too early for a Saturday morning.  I would have been one of those people a week ago.

But we were on a mission.  A mission to find ourselves some nice, fresh produce at the local farmer's market.

We are blessed to live in an area with no shortage of local tailgate markets. But the big granddaddy of all the produce markers is the WNC Farmers Market.  Which is where we could be found on this sunny, and already warm and humid morning.

We had a list.  We had a good attitude.  We had our shopping bags.  And we came away with a few staples and something new to try.

I was able to score the fresh free range eggs I wanted, some sweet and new red potatoes; as well as a purple bell pepper.  Purple!  I wanted to plant purple peppers this year, but never got the plant.  So I was excited to find them at the market and get a chance to try it.  Because I think it will be so pretty in a big green salad.  And because it's so fun to say!  Purple pepper. (Go ahead... say it - I know you want to)

One happy surprise was finding I could get the dried beans I needed at the farmers market by the pound, rather than buying them by the bag at the grocery store.  Who knew?  Not me!

We got to see a mini hydroponic growing set up.  Ran into an old friend. And met the delightful owner of a local farm selling at the market.

The Man and I agree - this experience scores a "Win" with both of us.  And chances are, if you're at the WNC Farmers Market one Saturday morning this summer - you might just see us there!

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  1. I used to work at the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market (also ran by the NCDA). Great memories from those summers checking produce and plants. I still frequent it and love taking my kids. It's got to be NC! xo Amanda

  2. I love going to farmers markets! And that people pepper looks delish! Great for color in salads I bet!


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