Monday, June 13, 2016

Currently... Monday June 13

Just like that... June is getting away from me.  It was the end of May.  I looked up, and here it is, almost the middle of June! In my defense, the past two weeks have been crazy.  We celebrated the male offspring's birthday, then Memorial Day and the next day the Man of the House and I left at the crack of dawn for 6 days on Long Island.  We arrived back home for he male offspring's graduation week - which means awards ceremonies to attend, planning to be done, graduation and a family cookout.  So... yeh.  Now that I have a moment to stop and catch my breath, I feel as if I went through a sort of time warp.  Which brings us to where I am right now.

Reading:  Just finished by Fortunate Son Walter Mosley and started The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir.  The first was quite depressing, and not at all what I was in the mood for at the time.  Although, I suppose a book about the mysterious disappearance of the boy King Edward V and his younger brother from the Tower of London isn't exactly a cheerful story either.  Anyone got any suggestions for a feel good novel or two?  I think I'm due for one of those next!

Eating:  Between traveling and graduation festivities, I am so far off track right now!  Too many sweet things, salty things, and sodas.  Time to get straightened out.  I think I see a trip to the Farmer's Market in my near future.

Working on:  Getting back into some sort of routine after the past couple of weeks.

Enjoying:  The idea of having two pretty much grown kids!   It is bittersweet not having little ones anymore.  But that's why God made grand babies!

Anticipating:  Short term - going to pick blueberries at my dad's the house.  Long term - the next season of our lives and every bit of potential it holds!

Thinking about:  How to keep the grand baby entertained this summer while still getting some work done.

Feeling:  Right now, I am just feeling exhausted.  Give me a few more days to get caught up and get all the processed sugars out of my system and we'll see where things stand at that point.

What are you're "currentlys" ?  Share in the comments!

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  1. I'm tired just reading all you've had going on. You really need some time just for you. My "currently" is stressful, but not as fast paced. HOPE you have a great summer.

    1. Mrs Deb, you are in my prayers along with everything you have going on in your life right now ((hugs))


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