Friday, June 3, 2016

June Goals and Intentions

May was a mixed bag.  I had a lot of trouble sticking to my intention of Focus.  It seemed as if something was always coming up to distract me or throw a wrench into the plans.

I did slightly better with my goals.  I didn't get to bed or wake up as early as 7 had hoped.  But it was earlier than I had been doing; so it's all good,  I mailed out graduation announcements for the male offspring.  Made some time for fun with the Man of the House.  Didn't do as much reading as I would have liked.  But I did finish two books and start a third.

My intention for this month is Explore.  This means being open to new experiences.  Saying yes to opportunities that may scare me a little.  Stepping outside my comfort zone.

It also means exploring my faith.  Digging deeper.  Relying less on devotionals and  what others may believe to listen to my own heart and the small voice of the Spirit as I read Scripture each day.

My goals for June:

1)  Read more:  When I find myself with few free moments during the day, I have fallen into a habit of checking on my Etsy shop or browsing Pinterest (which usually ends up lasting longer than intended).  This month my goal is to reach first for whatever book I am reading instead.

2)  Spend time outside each day:  (if it's not raining) This might be going out on the porch while I have my morning quiet time, sitting outside to read or crochet, going for a hike or or taking a short walk.  It doesn't matter what shape it takes - the point is a little fresh air and sunshine,

3)  Organize yarn stash:  I want to get this organized by color and select some for a stash buster sale.  This will go a long way toward getting my office back under control.

What are your goals for the month of June?

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  1. Great goals! I know you will conquer them this month :)

  2. Great main goal is make a decision on where I will be finishing school, the forms/paperwork have a deadline for both schools...I am visiting both schools this upcoming week. Smiles

  3. Wonderful goals! I needed to read this post to give me some motivation to do better . . . thank you!


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