Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Currently... June of 2016

Well, here we are y'all.  June has arrived.  School is winding down and summer will officially start in the blink if an eye. But, before all the festivities start let's pause to take a look at where we are right now.

 Reading:  Princesses Behaving Badly  by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie.  Interesting,  but a little dry.

Eating:  A lot of fresh fruit.  And looking forward to even more as the fruits of summer come into season! It shouldn't be too long before my dad's blueberries are ready for picking.  And after that our raspberries will start coming in.  Not to mention all the local peaches and such.  Yummy!

Working on:  Some new ideas for my Etsy shop.  Now I just have to find time to start producing some of these ideas.

Enjoying:  Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea  My youngest sister introduced me to this delight back at Christmas time, and I am completely hooked.  I enjoy at least one cup every day!

Anticipating:  A trip to Long Island, Connecticut, and New York City! Look out New England, this southern gal is gonna be heading your way pretty soon. I hope you are prepared.

Thinking:  About the future.  So many changes are coming.  Some are for sure.  Some are possibilities.

Feeling:  A lot of excitement.  A little nervous.  Constantly reminding myself that it's all in God's hands and one way or another everything works out exactly the way it's supposed to be.

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  1. Currently....pondering the direction I want my blog to go...asking God to lead. Crocheting...just finished the BIGGEST project I've ever undertaken (on last Friday's blog post)...anticipating...our grands will be here later this morning and I'm exhausted from lack of sleep. :( Hoping...hubby can retire sooner than we had even thought.

  2. currently---nothing...talking/emailing with one of my mentees--her grades weren't that good. Enjoyed your thoughts, seems a lot of us will be making important decisions soon.

  3. Currently...winding down after a festive May! We had a Kindergarden graduation, a 14th birthday, and a Sweet 16!!! Looking forward to fresh fruit too!


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