Friday, June 24, 2016

Feeling Better On Long Island

When we last left the tale of my adventures in New York, I was slowly recovering from a horrific stomach ailment.  Fortunately things improved from there.

Thursday morning found me feeling much better.  Not exactly my best, but compared to the day before - MUCH better!

The Man of the House was scheduled to spend all day at a local business, so I was on my own for entertainment.  After dropping him off, I decided to spend a relaxing morning at the hotel.  Take a long shower.  Watch some tv.  Enjoy the quiet.  Then it was off to meet him and one of his customers for lunch.

The afternoon was made for exploring Sayville.  I was completely charmed by this little town!  Wide quiet streets.  A cute little main street area full of mostly local shops and boutiques.  I strolled through town, did some window shopping, got chatted up by a couple of locals, petted a couple of dogs, grabbed a coffee, and even found a yarn shop. (Which, in my opinion, is always an indicator of a good day)

Sadly, my stomach started hurting again, and since I had no desire to find myself vomiting on the sidewalks of Sayville - I decided it was best to go take a nap until time to pick up the man.

On Friday, the Man of the House was finished with work obligations by lunch time and we were ready to do a little exploring.  We found a local bagel shop/deli for lunch and hen hopped in the car to cruse around Long Island.  After passing a sign saying we were only about 29 miles from Amityville - our destination was decided!

Despite it's creepy reputation due to the horror book and movies - we found Amityville to be quite beautifu!  Gorgeous homes. Plenty of waterfront property.  Another charming little Long Island town. (I seem to find myself using the word "charming" a lot when talking about Long Island.  What's that about?)  And yes...  we did find THE house and drove by, because sometimes we're big nerds like that.

After that we took the back roads to Sayville and back to Ronkonkoma.  It was another early night because Saturday was scheduled for our big day in New York City!  We'll talk about that next time...

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  1. You know, one of my favorite parts of any trip is spending alone time in the hotel! I love taking long showers and reading in the big bed. : )
    I'm glad you felt better...
    And have a cozy weekend. : )


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