Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Bird in the Window is Worth...

We have this silly little bird who comes each day and sits in our kitchen window sill. 

Sometimes he'll just sit there, cocking his little head as he seems to watch us.  I imagine it's sort of like a reverse zoo. 

(Bird: "Look!  Human's in their natural environment.  Ooooh... is it feeding time?  What do they eat? What's that one over there doing? Humans are so funny!)

He doesn't just sit though.  Sometimes he taps at the window.  A lot of the time.  Several times a day he's out there just tap, tap, tapping away. 

It started during the last cold spell when we had a bit of snow.  The Man of the House thought maybe he was cold and wanted in.  I tried explaining to him that he definitely didn't want to come inside as this is the territory of a grumpy cat who would love nothing more than to get his paws (and claws) on a feathered friend. 

I worry he's going to hurt his little beak.


  1. We have a bird that comes and visits us a few times a day. He also taps on our glass door! So cool!

  2. Wonder if he/she originally saw his/her reflection and thought it was another bird? Our bird feeder is right outside the window where I sit at the computer and sometimes a bird will fly into the window (I've heard they only see the reflection of the outdoors and don't realize a window is there.) It startles me and lots of times I'll go outside to see if they were able to fly away or if they're laying addled on the ground. Once we had a cardinal die from hitting a window too hard. :'( That broke my heart. Google why little birds peck at windows....or am I the only one who is silly enough to do such a thing? LOL Happy Thursday, sweet Lady!!!

    1. You are NOT the only one! I've already Googled it. (I'm the queen of Googling - ask my family!)


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