Thursday, March 2, 2017

Currently... March 2017

Normally, about this time of year I would write something about looking forward to the start of Spring and warmer weather.  But let's be honest... around here it's felt like March (or maybe April) since January!  For all of you who have actually experienced a winter this year - I hope you are looking forward to warmer weather and Spring days.

March is looking rather quiet right now.  I'm very much ok with that considering how quickly the first two months of the year flew past.  It will be nice to pause and take a few deep breaths.  Of course, one never knows what might pop up out of the blue!

Before that has a chance to happen, let's take a quick peek at what life looks like right now.

READING:  "Still Life" by Louise Penny.  Some time back, a dear friend sent met several books in this series.  Which have been sitting on my nightstand for months.  Time for that stack to move, so I am placing them high on my To Be Read list for this year.

EATING:  As of yesterday - I am reducing/eliminating refined sugar.  So far, I am struggling.  Sugar has a serious hold on me.  It's going to be tough to break this.

WORKING ON:  A lot of Spring and Easter items for my Etsy shop

ENJOYING:  Quiet time in the afternoons.  Each day, I am trying to be intentional about making a block of time when I turn all my electronics off and I take a little while for myself to sip a cup of tea and read or crochet. 

ANTICIPATING:  Um... good question.  I can't think of any specific thing I'm  looking forward to at the moment.  Just a general sense of looking forward to making plans for the Spring and Summer.

FEELING:  Like I really, really, really want a cupcake. Or a donut.  (Did I mention that I'm off sugar?)

What are you up to Currently?  Leave a comment and let me know!
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  1. I'm definitely a sugar-holic, too. You might want to read the book, Sweet Freedom. It's kind of a long read, but a true story about a ladies struggle with sugar and white flour products. Hang in there...I'll never kick that habit I'm afraid.

  2. Sugar is a hard one to kick, but you got this!


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