Friday, March 17, 2017

When It's Just Not Worth It

So, the other day I had to make a grocery store run to pick up a few items.  Which doesn't sound very exciting, I know...  stick with me.

On this particular day, I was also tired.  And grumpy. And by the time I got out of the house, finished up at Hobby Lobby, and made it to groceries, it had been several hours since I had eaten.  This is the perfect storm to create a major weakness in those of us trying to eat healthier.  Mo matter how determined we might pretend to be most of the time. 

By the time I had every item on my list loaded into the cart, my grumpy/tired/hungry side had me convinced that I deserved a treat.  Definitely something chocolate.  And preferably something involving pastry.  Because my grumpy/tired/hungry self knows I love a chocolate donut.  (This is also common knowledge to all my other selves)

As I was already away from the bakery section and up near the registers, I thought maybe I would grab one of those little packages of mini donuts.  Yes, the prepackaged ones with the fake, waxy chocolate frosting.  Don't judge me, please. 

Fortunately, there was some tiny, rational part of my brain which managed to briefly seize control long enough to read the label.  And almost passed out when I saw the calorie count was over 400!! Yikes! 

A choice had to be made. On one hand - I really wanted that chocolate donut.  On the other hand - over 400 calories??

Maybe a simple little Twix would be a better option...  A peek at the front of that label informed me I was still looking at over 200 calories.  *sigh*  Better.  But not great.

I'll have you know that I left the store that day with out a chocolate treat.  Because when faced with the numbers, I just couldn't. The sugar war rages on.  But this particular battle is going down as a win.

(I now realize that the story never really did get much more interesting following that first sentence.)

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