Monday, May 2, 2011

Or DOES it??

This is confusing me.  And while we all know that doesn't really take a lot... this is really, really puzzling to me.

I got a great deal on some Method disinfecting bathroom cleaner at Target a couple of weeks ago.  It states right on the front label that it "disinfects as it cleans".  However, while using it - I notice something quite odd.  Two sets of instructions for use.  One for cleaning.  The other for... you guessed it!  Disinfecting!!  Two completely different procedures for each. 

HUH?  If it "disinfects AS it cleans", do I really need to sets of instructions?  Don't two different sets of instructions for use actually contradict the claim made on the front label?  Shouldn't one procedure cover both things?  When I use the steps for cleaning... shouldn't that, in fact, take care of the disinfecting part?

Thinking about this has given me a headache.  I think I need to lie down for a while.  And skip cleaning the bathroom for the moment.

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