Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Would you like a piece of pi?

My local news always does these little segments called "Never Stop Learning" which feature happenings in local schools.  Not long ago the segment started with a little banter about how some students were getting their fill of Pi, "not the kind you eat, but just as good".  I have to take issue with that statement.  Because it's just not true!

C'mon, really?  I mean.. REALLY?  

Pie is always going to win out over Pi.  No comparison!  None! 

Apple?  or 3.141592...?  APPLE! 
Cherry?  or 3.141592...?  CHERRY!
Pumpkin?  or 3.141592...?  PUMPKIN!
Chocolate cream?  or 3/141592...?  CHOCOLATE CREAM!

See!  Pie ALWAYS wins!  Given a choice, I will always pick the delightful dessert item.  It's just better!  With the glaring exception of mincemeat.  If I were offered mincemeat I might take the mathematical constant.  Maybe.

(And maybe Coconut Cream.  I'm not a fan of coconut.)


  1. I failed Pi in high school but made an A in Pie. :D
    ~cath xo

  2. Me too Cath! And I have the jelly roll to prove it! LOL


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