Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hitting the Small Time

Definition of SMALL-TIME:  insignificant in performance, scope, or standing. -

Recently I found myself pondering as to why some blogs are so small (I like the term personal), while others gain a much larger following. 

The ones that hit the "Big Time" get a column after column, and row after row full of tiny photos in the "Followers" section.  They get comment after comment, with reply after reply to those comments.  They get featured on other websites.  Some of them end up being interviewed on various talk and news programs.  Some even find themselves on the cover of Time magazine (ahem... yeh...quite enough has already been said on that, I think). 

What's the difference between all those blogs and this little cluster of thoughts I have going here?  After a bit of careful consideration - I think I've figured out two very possible reasons why I'll never make it big or get rich as a blogger.

First, I write like I talk.  What I think in my head, I type with my fingers.  It's sometimes not grammatically correct.  (OK, maybe it's often not grammatically correct)   I use incomplete sentences.  I use a lot of contractions.  I say and type word like "nothin'" and "y'all".  My former English teachers would probably be appalled at what is on the screen after I hit 'Publish".  

Second (and I think this is the Key), I'm not controversial enough. I don't write flaming posts filled with my personal opinions.  I don't write entire series of posts about politics, religion, or any of the other hot button topics of our day.  I don't write posts which incite or inspire people to comment.  Or share through other social media outlets.

I'm accepting that I am just a quiet, moderate, small time blogger.  I write about the things that happen to me and the things I know about my quiet, moderate life.  That's all I've got people.  And I'm much more than OK with that.
As I write this, I have the song "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel blasting away in my head. (The Man of the House will be so proud! LOL) :

"The place where I come from is a small town.
They think so small
They use small words
But not me
I'm smarter than that
I worked it out
I've been stretching my mouth
To let those big words come right out"


  1. I write the same way. I mostly share my card creations and write enough to get my thoughts down. I like to keep the blog in my "voice". I feel like it is a conversation between me and whomever is reading it. I am so not controversial and I try to keep my blog positive. It is mostly because I want people to feel comfortable reading this (like family and friends for instance..)

  2. OMG....I have wanted to explain this exact style of my writing forever but I thought once I put it out there I was opening myself up to???? But yep I am a writer-as-a-talker too! I try to explain things as I am seeing them swirl in my head of crazy thoughts, that is why I also started using quotes to help me stay more on tract (of what I still do not know) or get me writing. I am not a FB-er so sometimes I will post something that as certain snoopy ya I'm not your friend cuz I write about you on my FB for all to see but you can read a slam on my blog yes I know childish but effective it keeps them from coming back as often lol. My blog isn't going into the BOG Time either but seriously I never expected to have a single follower this has been my journey and I am just happy to have the blog love I do because the few are actually the most SPECIAL I am learning quickly. My bloggee friends are the GREATEST and I am so glad you ARE one of them :)) Thanks for this post !! Us small timers are grateful.

  3. I think a lot of it is how one promotes their blogs; if they participate in a lot of "follow me" types of memes to build up a following. I follow a lot of blogs and I've seen it all with writing style and I don't think there's anything wrong with your writing style. I always think too that blogging should be about relationships made not just numbers with followers or comments. You'll see sometimes someone will have over 300 followers and then on an average post they might have 10-12 comments. Then you'll see someone who has over 300 followers and on their average post they have 50 comments, but the reason is they read a lot of blogs, comment on a lot and send emails out to people who comment thanking them for commenting, they are building relationship. Its such a fickle world out here in blogging. I don't have a big following, but I have loyal followers and that means more to me than numbers. So write what you want and don't worry about it. Just have fun with it.


  4. Grrrr. My interwebs ate my entire brillant comment! Let's try this again.

    There's days I wish I was one of them big time bloggers, paying off student loans with my awesome words... until wake up for days in a row without one single idea to post, then I'm thankful I don't have a huge following!

    But you're right, to make it big time you need the right connections, lots of time, a wee bit of drama, and some sort of how-to people are just dying for!

    And then again, sometimes if you just keep on with the being you, someday you might wake up and find that you've hit it big after all! ;)


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