Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summertime, and The Livin' Is Easy

It seems like the rest of the country is being ravaged by extreme heat, wildfires, extreme storms, and torrential rain - which almost makes this feel like bragging.  As if I am pouring salt into their meteorological wounds.  But I have to say it anyway:  the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous the past few days.  Bright, sunny, a few afternoon showers, and temperatures in the 70's.

See?  Blue skies.  Puffy white clouds

Awesome day!  I couldn't wait to get my clothes out on the line for some fresh air.  And my new chair canvases came from World Market, so I am more than ready for a little reading on the porch time!

Anyone else see the Loch Ness Monster cloud?  Anyone?

I am so excited for summer to be here!  The Little Man's last day of school is tomorrow.  And I get a visit with my sister, nieces, and mother next week.

It's going to be a good summer!  I can already tell. 


  1. Those conditions sound fabulous!!!


    1. I'm trying to enjoy every minute. I know very soon we will be pushing 90 most days and missing these lovely 70-something degree days!


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