Monday, June 11, 2012

Not Just The Nuts

I couldn't believe it.

When that first itchy patch under my eye appeared Saturday night, I couldn't believe it.  I haven't eaten a peanut, or peanut butter, or anything with peanut oil.  Yet, there it was.  That red spot that announces the coming of a reaction to something.

This couldn't be happening, I thought to myself as I slathered Cetaphil lotion on it.  At that point I could only pray that this was one of the times it remained the one little red spot before fading quickly away. 

Later that night, all hopes were dashed.  The other eye began to itch.  The eye lids began to itch.  My neck started to itch.   By Sunday morning, I was scrambling for the Benedryl before I ripped the skin off my facial structure.

Sunday was a day of antihistamines, ibuprofen, and a mixture of various lotions and creams.  I was in a well-medicated haze.  Pretty much useless. 

Fortunately, this morning the situation seems to have improved some. 

I'm still a little dry, with various itching at times.  And still a little puffy around the eyes.  But at least the redness has faded, and the itching is bearable.

But this still leaves the question - what caused the outbreak this time?  What other thing am I apparently so allergic to that it completely alters my appearance?

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