Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long Night

My cat was vomiting.  Now, if you have cats you know that sometimes they vomit.  They eat too much, or too fast, or they decide to sample the dog food, or they spent time outside chewing on some nice fresh grass, or they get a hairball, or ... whatever.  It happens.  It's gross.  I grumble about cleaning it up.  But it's over and done.

This time it wasn't over and done. 

The vomiting very quickly escalated to panting, excessive drooling, loss of bladder control, loss of coordination which affected his ability to walk, and what can only be described as a convulsion of some sort.  He was bad off.  Very bad.

The Man of the House - always my own personal knight in shining armor - took over,  made a phone call to the emergency pet hospital, and hustled us into the car and off into the night to seek care for the poor feline. 

After an evaluation, some blood work, and 2 hours at the pet ER the knew he had likely been exposed to some sort of toxin, but were not able to determine what sort.  He was given activated charcoal, IV fluids, oxygen, and spent the night at the emergency vet

This morning I picked him up from the emergency vet and transferred him to his regular vet.  He was able to come off the oxygen at about 3am, but his breathing is still labored.  He has shown a little improvement, but is still in critical condition.

Right now, I wait for his Vet to call me with an update and recommendations.  And I worry.


  1. first time commenting on your blog; I am so sorry about your cat! I hope he is okay; worse yet not to know what he was exposed to so you can make sure it doesn't happen again. Our pets become so much part of our families we do worry and care about them so much!


    1. Welcome Betty! And thank you. There didn't seem to be much improvement yesterday (explaination requires a long story and rant about the vet's office)


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