Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am fortunate to have some remarkable fathers in my life.  Both my own father, and the Man of the House (aka: father of my children). 

I don't think I could ever tell the Man of the House exactly how much I appreciate all he does for myself and our family. To provide for us. The way he always seems to put us first. He's kind and loving, but firm when he needs to be. He's good with things around the house - from yard work to fixing things to building things.  He's smart. Smarter than he knows, I think. I admire the way he can play with the kids, and be silly around with them. And the way he leads our family. I thank God everyday for chosing him to be my husband!

Growing up, I always knew my dad was a hardworker. He still is, even though he's retired.  (If retired means still working part time during the summers, and working tirelessly on his home and yard)   He always seemed like the quiet, provide for the family and keep the kids in line sort of guy growing up.  But I have learned to appreciate a whole different side of him as an adult.  He loves to tell stories.  And growing up a Navy kid, he has some great ones.  Who knew my dad was also a funny guy?  I love that about him.  He's a good grandpa.  (and now a great grandpa!)

Some women aren't fortunate to have even one great man in their life. How blessed am I to have two?


  1. That is a blessing indeed!! Nice tribute to your dad and husband; may they both have a great Father's Day!


  2. So glad you are still seeing great things in your father and that your husband is a great husband and father!


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