Monday, February 18, 2013

Can I Have Some Crackers With My Whine?

Disclaimer: Today’s post is one big whine-fest. You have been warned…

I don’t feel great today.

My stomach feels sore – almost a bruised kind of feeling. Like I had someone using it as a punching bag all night.

And it’s making some craaaaaazy noises.

I feel nauseous off and on, but haven’t had any vomiting or anything. And let’s keep praying it doesn’t come to that. There are few things I dread in this life more than that. (doing it myself or witnessing someone else having to go through it.)

I have no appetite. Although I have forced myself to eat some Greek yogurt and saltines.

No fever. Although I haven’t really checked. There is a possibility I might have last night. At one point I woke up burning up and sweating a little. At the time I just figured the room was too warm or I was experiencing one of those middle of the night hot flashes that sometimes occur since I hit a certain age.

So, that’s today. I’m functioning. Trying to tidy up the kitchen. Doing some laundry. A little cleaning up in the bedroom.

Maybe I can convince the grand baby that a shared nap is a good plan for this afternoon while his mommy is at class.


  1. Awww honey! That's the pits!! Praying for healing and comfort in your tummy and a peaceful day napping with the grandbaby. :) Huge hugs!! Feel better!


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