Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Love Dare: What We've Learned So Far

In case you are wondering where the posts for My Love Dare have been over the past few days - I want to assure you I have not given up on the dare! 

But I have gotten stuck on Day 18.  It's not even that the dare of the day is that difficult.  But in a house full of offspring and activities and what all else - it's going to take a little more deliberate planning than I anticipated.  But it will be done - soon! - and the dare will move on.

While you're waiting, I thought I would share some of the things I've learned about myself so far:
  • I am the perfect wife. (bwahahahaha... just kidding...keep reading)
  • I am selfish
  • The grand baby and the dog do a better job of greeting the Man of the House than I do. 
  • I am kind of a brat 
  • I am not a very good listener.
(kind of makes you wonder why anyone would want to be married to me, doesn't it? I promise hope I'm not as bad as all that makes it sound!)


  1. I see me in a lot of the things you listed. Don't you think that after we've been married for several years we just begin to take each other for granted and don't do the things we did in the beginning? Well, that's me anyway!!! ;)

    1. Yes indeed! I think we slide into the day to day routine and forget to court and woo eachother like we did in the beginning!

  2. I love the greeting I get from my parents' dog when I go over there. I need to be better about greeting people more in that fashion.


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