Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be Still!

Most of us give our children certain tasks or chores that we expect them to do.  But our most cherished moments with them aren't when they are doing chores.  The best times are the quiet times spent together. Talking about what is going on in their lives.  When they come to us for advice.  When we share stories.  Or when we are simply together in the quiet, enjoying each other's presence. This is when we get to know each other and truly cherish each other.

God feels the same way about His children.

God doesn't want us simply scurrying around like ants doing things for Him.  He doesn't want us always doing more and more things in an attempt to please Him.  He wants to know us. He wants the quiet times with us.  He wants us to talk to Him about what is going on in our life.  He wants us to go to Him for advice and help.  He cherishes the moments when we are simply spending time in His presence.

It is possible to be very very busy serving the Lord; and yet be no closer to Him than we were when we were still lost.  Don't be so eager to serve Jesus that you miss out on really knowing him!


  1. There are people who are critical of me because I am not helping in VBS. I don't feel it's my calling and didn't feel led to sign up for it. Others think EVERYBODY should sign up and help, trying to lay a guilt trip on me. Today, I'm taking my Mom to the orth doctor for a possible hip replacement. I feel this is why God didn't prompt me to help with VBS. Way too often, I'm not "still", but think I was this time!

    1. Scripture tells us that 1)we each have different gifts of the spirit to use to Gods pupose, and 2) we should do our best at the work we are appointed and not compare ourselves to others. You should always follow where the Lord leads you, regardless of what others think you should do!

  2. I love this scripture! I had it posted on my bread box at a time in my life that had a lot of struggles! Visiting from Adorned from Above and following you via GFC! Please visit my blog when you get a chance....same layout, which I love!

  3. Thank you. Something I needed to hear. I have always loved this particular verse and I have always loved the hymn based on this. There is so much busyness and noisiness these days. Pray for His grace to enjoy quietness.

  4. My mom used to tell me, "Sit still!" That's what I think of when I read that scripture. She wasn't telling me that to punish me. She wasn't telling me that to pick on me. She was just telling me that because I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I wasn't listening to what she was saying. Parallels I think. :) Plus, I love that quote "if the devil can't make ya sin, he'll make ya busy."

    Good stuff! Great post, dear!!


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