Friday, June 21, 2013

What To Do This Summer

June 21 is here!  Summer has officially arrived people!!  Yippee!!

Many of us probably think summer and immediately think about tans, vacations, lazy summer days, and hot summer nights.  And yes - I think of the same things.  (well, not so much the tan.  I'm a burner.) 

However, I have also been thinking of some things I would like to do this summer.  Aside from day trips with the family, having a great vacation, and trying not to turn into a crispy lobster-colored version of myself.  And here it is... (true to my very nature as a list maker) my Summer 2013 To Do List.

  • Learn to make Risotto
  • Spend more evenings out on the back porch, reading or just relaxing
  • Learn to make real pudding (not from a box)
  • Use up stash of leftover yarn making baby hats. 
  • Donate them to pregnancy support group in town
  • Eat less meat and pasta
  • Get to the gym more
  • Put down the crochet hooks and knit something
  • Try out more of the stuff on my Pinterest boards
  • Go for a hike by myself


  1. I'm excited about Summer too and yep I see more gym time in my future. Still have time to lose before the holidays!

    1. I'm running out of time quickly. But I can't let that stop me!

  2. sounds like a good list! risotto...yum!

    1. I'm a little scared to attempt it, but it's one of those things I just want to know how to do!


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