Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Pinterest Wannabe Fashionista: Week 3

Once again, I try to copy an outfit I have pinned using items from my own closet.  In the spirit of full disclosure - the jacket is actually from the female offspring's closet, as all my blazers are black, beige, or denim.

white cropped pants with colorful blazer


And now for something completely different...

I'm trying something a little different for Friday Wannabe Fashionista next week, and I hope you'll join me! I 

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is:  
Lighten up - and go an entire week without wearing black.

  Yes... I know what you're thinking! IMPOSSIBLE!  I thought it too. When I first glanced in my closet I thought there was absolutely no way it could happen.  But after looking a little more closely, I believe it can happen.

So... in honor of summer - pull out some colorful clothing.  Wear it proudly. Take some photos.  Blog about it.  And be ready to share next Friday!


  1. Are you kidding? A week without black? That is 99% of my Johnny Cash wardrobe! :D (But you do look cute in your outfit!)

    1. All the more challenging! Time to lighten things up. :0)

  2. The outfit looks great. Are you sure you're a Grandmother?!?! ;-)
    A week without I sit her in black capris!!! ;-)

    1. Yes, I am sure. :0) Grandbaby is tearing apart my living room as I type this. HA! We're both sporting the blck capris today! Gotta get it out of my system before next week!


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