Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mud Run!

This past weekend The Man of the House and the female offspring took part in the Mad Mountain Mud Run.  They made up a four person team with The Man's best friend and his daughter.  It was a muddy good time!

Ready to run

Team "Mud Rangers" pre race.  Nice and clean.
Over and under the logs

Under the barbed wire - through the mud

Grand baby and Male Offspring watch all the action

Over the hay stacks

Team work!

Across the ropes

Man of the House's turn

Crossing the finish line

Post run.  Nice and muddy.

Muddy recovery

Just...  eeeewww!!!

Pretty muddy


  1. Love the finish line photo and the smiles of accomplishment! and she even looks pretty covered in mud! Did you just force them to hose down before entering the house or what?! LOL

  2. Hope you just hosed them down before they went in the house. :D Looks like a lot of fun!


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