Monday, October 14, 2013

Three O'Clock in the Morning

I can't figure out what is going on with me and 3am!

First - I woke up at 3am sure someone was moving around and making noise in the male offspring's room.  Wondering what in the world he was doing at that time of night, I got up and went to check on him.  Both he and the dog were sound asleep.  Um... OK. Back to bed, where it took me forever to fall back asleep.

Then -  I woke up around 3am convinced I was smelling toast.  So sure, I got up to see who was making toast at that time of night.  The kitchen was empty.  The toaster oven was off.  And cool.  No one had been toasting bread of any sort.  Um... OK.  Back to bed, where I lay awake slowly taking inventory for any symptoms of a stroke.

Last night, I woke up about 3am absolutely sure that either a) the alarm hadn't gone off and we were oversleeping.  Or b) the alarm was about to go off any moment.  Of course, neither was correct.  Unfortunately, it messed up my sleep for the rest of the night because I kept waking up anticipating the alarm.

The hypochondriac in me is convinced that something is misfiring somewhere in my brain at three in the mornings.  The normal (?) part of me just wants to sleep through a night without having to get up at 3am for some reason.

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  1. very interesting, because I tend to wake up at 2am on the dot most nights these days - which would be 3am your time.....coincidence? not sure about the random smells and sounds though. ;)


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