Monday, October 7, 2013

Wooly Worm Weather

The weather is so wacky right now.  After a cooler than normal, very very wet summer - we have entered into a warmer than usual fall.   It seems even the wooly worms are confused!


Let me back up a bit. 

For those of y'all not from around here - wooly worms (aka: wooly bear caterpillars) are fuzzy little caterpillar creatures.  They are typically banded with black and brown stripes, which some folks in these parts believe can predict the weather for the coming winter.  Why, just north of here - there's even an entire festival dedicated to these furry little cuties!

Problem is... we are spotting wooly worms with all varieties of color!  I've seen banded ones which were mostly black, banded ones that are mostly brown, and solid brown ones.  The Man of the House even says he saw a "blond" one!

Have you spotted any wooly worms around?  What did yours look like?

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