Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Spirit of Gratitude: May 15

Since I skipped my Spirit of Gratitude post last week, I'm doubling up and sharing what I have been thankful for over the past two weeks...

This Week (and last week) I Am Thankful For:

Lunch at Moe's
Dinner with my Dad (he brought over pizzas)
Going to sleep early
Finished my first "Fun Run"
The Male Off Spring's guitar recital
Learning two doses of allergy meds does not equal an overdose
Dinosaur Train
Bright sunny crocheted washcloth/dishcloth
 An afternoon cup of coffee
Leftover cookies
Cute kitty noises
Warm showers
Cold gingerale
The last day of Driver's Ed class
The morning breeze
The Man of the House giving me a shoulder rub when I had a headache
NFL draft day
A good night's sleep
Feeling better
Pure laziness
Coffee and conversation
Pretty new pedicures
 An afternoon with mom and the female offspring
Pioneer Woman's "Croissant French Toast" - cooked by the Man of the House
Breakfast in bed
Beautiful Mother's Day roses
 Being pampered
Mocha Lattes
The Man of the House making dinner
Family making me feel loved and appreciated
Loudly singing by myself in the car
Finishing a new baby sweater
The energy to get some things done that I let slide last week
New straw cup

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  1. I've got to try Moe's! A good afternoon cup of coffee is sometime the best treat, may have to have one today ;)

  2. So much goodness! Beautiful MD flowers! I was thankful for cheesecake this week, too :)

  3. These are my favourites from this list Leftover cookies
    Cute kitty noises, Cold gingerale I would very much like to add a goodnights sleep to my list! Thanks for linking

    1. I wish I could add that one every week! ;0)


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